Sudden build problem - Contentful + Middleman (ruby)

All of a sudden our builds are breaking. It seems to be when it looks for a cached version of the contentful gem. I’ve tried to “clear cache and deploy”, but it’s no different.

/opt/build/cache/bundle/ruby/2.6.0/gems/contentful-2.11.1/lib/contentful/response.rb:101:in `read': unexpected end of file (Zlib::GzipFile::Error)

Any idea what’s going on here?

Hi Allan,

Doesn’t seem to be a systemic problem, or anyway, there is not a huge incidence of such loglines - pretty much your account +2 (out of tens of thousands of middleman sites that get built each week), though I can see it just started. I wouldn’t expect it’s related directly to the contentful gem - it wouldn’t be gzipped on disk, so the Zlib::GzipFile error smells like something else… A link to the deploy’s log page would give us some useful context, but if you don’t feel like doing that, here’s some general questions to help you debug by yourself: