Sudden bandwidth increase on one of my sites

Site name goofy-lovelace-b2f513
Site ID 955a932f-e0dc-4533-9c71-8a8717aeebc9
Problem: Huge bandwidth increase lately without actual audience increase.

This site has 5-30 visits a day and it’s optimized, however for some reason for almost a month already the bandwidth has increased significantly. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that allows me to understand the reason independently, so I need your assistance.

Hi, @michaelyav. Did you perhaps configured an AWS “Health Check” monitor (an uptime monitor) for this site?

I ask because I checked and the bandwidth used almost entirely coming from a single user agent, the one below:

Amazon-Route53-Health-Check-Service (ref 736610e8-8891-4b12-8330-52cdd37e2f35; report

That user-agent was the cause of 97.8% of the bandwidth used on the day I checked, March 26th.

Note, that service won’t run the site javascript. Google Analytics (GA) only reports data when javascript is run. This means GA will never have any record of this traffic but the traffic is happening. It is just the the AWS Health Check monitor won’t report the data to Google Analytics because it will never run the javascript required to do so. This monitor is using bandwidth but will be invisible to GA.

Now, if you didn’t configure this monitor and you want it to stop using all this bandwidth, you can fill out a form to stop this here:

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks, that indeed was an issue. Who could think that simple health checks would consume that much bandwidth…