Successive deploys?

Is it possible to configure Netlify to successively upload files?

For example, I have a site that generates 49,000 pages every time it builds. It’d be nice to only generate the files that have updated. Why go through the process for all of those pages to only really have 1 (or a few) that changed?

I guess the build would need some way to tell Netlify that it’s a successive upload and not to delete anything, only add/update.

Anyways, is this possible right now?

hi there,

this might be an interesting read:

as well as this:

let me know if you have more specific questions :slight_smile:

Hi Perry, thanks for getting back to me. I think I’ve come to realize the issue is not in generating the pages anymore, but in uploading them. I made a post here: Large site upload timing out?

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