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Subpage blank on refresh or page not found error if trying to access via link

I’m getting page not found error if I try to access these dynamic subpages via links or if I refresh : React Movie-Watchlist
I have already added a _redirects file to the public folder with the /* /index.html 200, but the issue remains. How could I fix it ?

Hey there

I assume you are using react router for this project. Here is the redirect configuration you would need for that:

/* /index.html 200!

The ! should force it.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


I just tried it with the ! but the whole site became blank with it.

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Hi there,

I don’t know if it is an issue with copy and paste but make sure you have correct spacing in the redirect rule.

This should work.

I’ve tried all this, even typed it instead of copy pasting but the issue still persist.
Here is my github: GitHub - lillae/React-Movie-Watchlist: Movie Watchlist app created with React and Redux
If someone could check my code.

I don’t see the redirects file in your repo.

Yes, sorry just pushed it to GitHub. Thank you for checking.

Hey there @lillae. I’ve looked at the repo… _redirects are configured correctly. All other movie links work so I imagine this might be an issue with the specific link you mentioned.