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Submodules Not working

I’m trying to set up a Hugo site with a submodule. The submodule is a publicly available git repo. But the error stating that there is no access to the repo.


[submodule "themes/terminal"]
	path = themes/terminal
	url = git@github.com:panr/hugo-theme-terminal.git


Error checking out submodules: Submodule 'themes/terminal' (git@github.com:panr/hugo-theme-terminal.git) registered for path 'themes/terminal'
Cloning into '/opt/build/repo/themes/terminal'...
Host key verification failed.

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
fatal: clone of 'git@github.com:panr/hugo-theme-terminal.git' into submodule path '/opt/build/repo/themes/terminal' failed
Failed to clone 'themes/terminal'. Retry scheduled

You have to use https instead of git@:


url = git@github.com:panr/hugo-theme-terminal.git


url = https://github.com/panr/hugo-theme-terminal.git