Submodule Publish Time

Hello. I pushed an update to one of my git submodules (a submodule of the theme) and Netlify isn’t showing the change yet even after multiple builds. I made changes previously to the submodule and Netlify showed the changes almost immediately. How long does it take to propagate?


hmm, that isn’t behaviour i’d expect.

Do you have a build log you can share with us?

Sure. This is my most recent build.

8:50:20 PM: Build ready to start
8:50:22 PM: build-image version: 2dbd444fcdce00cf06325060a8238d5ae3e86774
8:50:22 PM: build-image tag: v3.3.7
8:50:22 PM: buildbot version: 11918e084194721d200458438c92ff8180b3b56c
8:50:22 PM: Fetching cached dependencies
8:50:22 PM: Starting to download cache of 254.9KB
8:50:22 PM: Finished downloading cache in 76.122457ms
8:50:22 PM: Starting to extract cache
8:50:22 PM: Failed to fetch cache, continuing with build
8:50:22 PM: Starting to prepare the repo for build
8:50:23 PM: No cached dependencies found. Cloning fresh repo
8:50:23 PM: git clone
8:50:23 PM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/master
8:50:24 PM: Starting build script
8:50:24 PM: Installing dependencies
8:50:26 PM: v10.19.0 is already installed.
8:50:27 PM: Now using node v10.19.0 (npm v6.13.4)
8:50:27 PM: Attempting ruby version 2.6.2, read from environment
8:50:28 PM: Using ruby version 2.6.2
8:50:28 PM: Using PHP version 5.6
8:50:28 PM: Installing Hugo 0.62.2
8:50:30 PM: Hugo Static Site Generator v0.62.2-83E50184/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2020-01-05T18:57:23Z
8:50:30 PM: Started restoring cached go cache
8:50:30 PM: Finished restoring cached go cache
8:50:30 PM: unset GOOS;
8:50:30 PM: unset GOARCH;
8:50:30 PM: export GOROOT=’/opt/buildhome/.gimme/versions/go1.12.linux.amd64’;
8:50:30 PM: export PATH="/opt/buildhome/.gimme/versions/go1.12.linux.amd64/bin:${PATH}";
8:50:30 PM: go version >&2;
8:50:30 PM: export GIMME_ENV=’/opt/buildhome/.gimme/env/go1.12.linux.amd64.env’;
8:50:30 PM: go version go1.12 linux/amd64
8:50:30 PM: Installing missing commands
8:50:30 PM: Verify run directory
8:50:30 PM: Executing user command: hugo
8:50:30 PM: Building sites …
8:50:30 PM: | EN
8:50:30 PM: ±-----------------+
8:50:30 PM: ----+
8:50:30 PM: Pages | 27
8:50:30 PM: Paginator pages | 0
8:50:30 PM: Non-page files | 0
8:50:30 PM: Static files | 19
8:50:30 PM: Processed images | 0
8:50:30 PM: Aliases | 11
8:50:30 PM: Sitemaps | 1
8:50:30 PM: Cleaned | 0
8:50:30 PM: Total in 36 ms
8:50:30 PM: Skipping functions preparation step: no functions directory set
8:50:30 PM: Caching artifacts
8:50:30 PM: Started saving node modules
8:50:30 PM: Finished saving node modules
8:50:30 PM: Started saving pip cache
8:50:30 PM: Finished saving pip cache
8:50:30 PM: Started saving emacs cask dependencies
8:50:30 PM: Finished saving emacs cask dependencies
8:50:30 PM: Started saving maven dependencies
8:50:30 PM: Finished saving maven dependencies
8:50:30 PM: Started saving boot dependencies
8:50:30 PM: Finished saving boot dependencies
8:50:30 PM: Started saving go dependencies
8:50:30 PM: Finished saving go dependencies
8:50:33 PM: Build script success
8:50:33 PM: Starting to deploy site from ‘public’
8:50:33 PM: Creating deploy tree
8:50:33 PM: Creating deploy upload records
8:50:33 PM: 0 new files to upload
8:50:33 PM: Starting post processing
8:50:33 PM: 0 new functions to upload
8:50:33 PM: Post processing done
8:50:34 PM: Site is live
8:50:48 PM: Finished processing build request in 26.535722281s

You know what’s strange, I did a push again tonight to update something else and now all my submodule changes are showing.

hmm - we did have a slowdown in our build system approx 6 hours ago -

maybe that was affecting things? At any rate, glad it is all working now. If you see issues updating again let us know.