Subdomains support in free tier?


My app is basically a landing page builder app. Built on sveltekit.

The url is I want to enable users to publish under my domain - - so that will redirect to a specific project (landingpage1) and page (/root_page) in my app.

Just to clarify - when accessing it works well. but when i try to reach a subdomain under i get the error below.

I created a _redirects file with this content: 301!

and a CNAME * that redirects to
The app logic works locally but i can’t get it to work on netlify. The error I’m getting is:

Site Not Found

Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on Netlify.

Back to our site

If this is your site, and you weren’t expecting a 404 for this path, please visit Netlify’s [“page not found” support guide] for troubleshooting tips.

Netlify Internal ID: 01HY90XJKMCRQ6QQSG6ZN85EAA

Any idea why? I’m on the free plan.

This is expected. Wildcard subdomains need to be enabled from our end, but it’s a Pro + feature.

Thanks. Is there a way to test it before moving to a paid subscription?

So for example if I add a subdomain manually that matches to match one of the customers’ projects - would that be sufficient or should I do something else?

@eyal See:

We also offer a one-time, month-long free trial of our Core Pro Plan for new users and existing Core Starter users.
For more details on this trial, go to Billing > Current services > Team plan and select Change team plan.

I’d imagine you would upgrade to the trial, get Netlify’s assistance to add the wildcard for your testing and then downgrade & remove within the trial period if it doesn’t suit.

Thanks @nathanmartin and @hrishikesh