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Subdomains on free account

Hey! I have a free netlify account and have transferred my domain to netlify. I wanted to know if netlify’s free account allows you to create subdomains (eg: app.mydomain.com or hello.mydomain.com). Is it possible to do this on a free account? And if yes, then how many subdomains can I create?

Hi, @overloath. Yes, Netlify DNS will allow you to do all the same things other DNS services do, including creating subdomains.

Now, how to do that depends on where the subdomain is hosted. If you are adding it as a subdomain at Netlify, you do that under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains. Adding the domain name there will automatically created the required DNS records if you are already using Netlify DNS.

However, if you are making subdomains pointing to services outside of Netlify, you would do that under Team Name > Domains > Domain Name. Then you would create the required DNS records according to the instructions of the other service (usually you will create A or CNAME type DNS records there).

There are no limits on the number of DNS records you can create. There is a limit of 100 unique names per SSL certificate at Let’s Encrypt and there is a limit of one certificate per site at Netlify so, unless you bring your own SSL certificate or unless the subdomains are under the same name and wildcarding is used, there is a limit of 100 unique names per site. There is a wildcard subdomain feature available on Pro plans to get around this limit as well.

If there are other questions, please let us know.