Subdomain Website not working


We currently have a site on Netlify for and we’re trying to set up a new subdomain site for but the CNAME isn’t working.

Currently we have it all setup on Cloudflare with proxy turned off, is pointed to and is pointing to CNAME - 6294a679f27d901f5336d01c– but when you visit, i just get this Not Found - Request ID: 01G4CN1A4ZV1RZP8P0GJ5ZRK2M .

Currently visible on netlify subdomain:

Are we missing something in the setup? < CNAME lookup

Hey @EllieRC

The CNAME is pointing to a deploy permalink i.e.i 6294a679f27d901f5336d01c–

It needs to point to the Netlify site i.e. (see this documentation.)


Thank you!

Do we also have to add the domain into the Custom Domains section of Netlify?


Yes, you need to add the domain as a custom domain to Netlify as per the documentation.

Sorry, all new to this!

When i go to add the subdomain to the site, it gives me this:

Will it effect the live site which is also on Netlify?

No, it won’t impact It is safe to proceed with Add domain.