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Subdomain shows error DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

On our site digitalconcerthall.app I have noticed that new Subdomains can sometimes take a long time to appear with the error DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE.

Eventually it will come through but it can take a while. This only happens when you try and access the subdomain before creating it. i.e. I visited https://beta-institutions.digitalconcerthall.app/ before creating the sub-domain.

Hi @RichardPenny,

From what I’m reading online, DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE seems to be some kind of a local configuration issue. Some suggest using different DNS or clearing DNS cache, and some might suggest some changes with other router settings. Even if you visit the subdomain before creating it, I see no reason why you should get that error.


I think you’re right, this is a local DNS cache issue, probably on the network router.