Subdomain not secured

Custom Domain name:

Hello, so I am using Netlify DNS for my domain, and it is secure. But my subdomain is not secure. I have it pointing to a different hosting place though, but Netlify is the default DNS for my domain.

I tried refreshing my SSL certificate after I set up the subdomain, but my subdomain is still not showing up as secure.

I am not sure if I misconfigured something, or if I need to give it more time?

Please help.

From what I see in already existing threads on Netlify, the Netlify team will set it up for you when they see the post. Just like here SSL for subdomain

Hi, @LunarShadow. We can only provide SSL certificates for custom domains hosted at Netlify.

When you create the A record pointing this custom domain ( to the IP address, you are pointing the custom domain to another web hosting provider. If Netlify controlled the IP address we could provision SSL for the custom domain. However, as we don’t control the IP address the custom domain points to we have no control over the SSL there.

To summarize, you must install a SSL certificate on that service to have the SSL work correctly. We cannot provide SSL for the site because we don’t host it.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.