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Subdomain missing ssl certificate

I’m trying to deploy an e-commerce platform, I managed to deploy the frontend to Netlify https://thereisnomore-shop.netlify.app pointing to giovanni-ferrara.com.
I provided the Netlify name servers to my domain provider GoDaddy.
The backend is hosted on Digital Ocean and it is accessible by its own IP address.
So I wanted to point at my backend through api.giovanni-ferrara.com: to achieve that I added an A record to netlify DNS:

api.giovanni-ferrara.com 3600 IN A

It works, but my api.giovanni-ferrara.com endpoint doesn’t support HTTPS, so I get errors because of mixed content.
I expected SSL certificate to apply also to the A DNS record, but it doesn’t.

What can I do to overcome this issue?

Sorry for the dumb question, but it’s the first time I deal with DSN, SSL and this kind of stuff.

Hi @GiovanniFerrara,

Unfortunately, the SSL certificate provided by Netlify works only when Netlify is serving the content. As soon as you point your domain elsewhere (in your case the subdomain), you’d have to handle the generation of the certificate for that domain yourself.

Thanks for the quick answer.

Do you think that if I set an SSL certificate with Godaddy and I point the DNS from their servers to the netlify hosting and to the subdomain api.example.com is gonna work?

That would work for Netlify, but you’d still have to add that certificate in your Digital Ocean backend too. Basically, the server that’s serving the address should be the one serving the SSL too.

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