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Subdomain https not working

Hi there,

I am hosting a NodeJS backend on a linux server, and am managing the DNS through netlify.

The DNS is working nicely, although I have not been able to get a SSL connection, despite having the wildcard SSL cert that Netlify provides through Let’s Encrypt.


Hi there, @SkrrtNick :wave:

Can you share your site with us? Thank you!

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The subdomain in question is api.skrrtscripts.com


Hey @SkrrtNick

I am unable to connect to api.skrrtscripts.com nor to the IP it points to. It is VPS running? What restrictions are in place (IP/Host/etc)?

Also, you will need to add the certificate to your server if you want to have a HTTPS connection. Here is a from Vultr: Install Let's Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 20.04 with Apache or Nginx - Vultr.com.

Hi, @SkrrtNick. The SSL certificate is provided by the HTTP server - not the DNS server.

So, while you have created this A record at Netlify:

api.skrrtscripts.com.	600	IN	A

Netlify only handles the DNS for that domain name. When you create an A record for a domain name, that IP address is the IP address that answers for that domain name when IP packets are sent to it.

If you make HTTP requests to api.skrrtscripts.com the IP address will be the system that responses. That system will provide the SSL, not Netlify.

The solution for this will be to create your own SSL certificate and upload it to that system. You would then configure that system to use that SSL certificate as well. How that is done would depend on the web server software being used.

Note, you can use certbot to provision the SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt yourself on that system provided that you have command line access to that system and can install certbot there: