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Subdomain from another netlify app


I have 2 websites on netlify :
punsch-taxi.netlify.app with a custom domain punsch-taxi.at

I would like to access the 2nd one with this subdomain dashboardpunschtaxi.punsch-taxi.at

I tried to register a new Cname in dns settings of punsch-taxi.netlify.app, but when browsing to the new subdomain I get : Not found - Request ID: 01FFSEW1FQ41HF4MX92EGS0MD6

What am I missing here ?

Since you’re using Netlify DNS, I’d advise you to not add records manually and let Netlify do it for you. If you go Netlify App and add the domain there, it would work.

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Indeed, thanks a lot for your help !!!