Subdomain doesnt work and all sites on root/otherdirectory

HelloI have done everything for a custom domain and it works perfectly but now all my other websites that are on different directories on the root (public_html/examplewebsite1) are not working and even if I make subdomain for them it sad “server IP address could not be found.”

If you visit my website and click any work in a portfolio and click on official page link you will see that they are not working.

Link to a Github:
Link to a website:

Is there any way I can resolve this issue??

Thank you in advance

Where are you building those routes?

There is not a page created for them anywhere in your project you linked.

For instance /dicegame is missing as a route, but you have a link to it in the /dice page.

Just a quick note: If you want your _redirects file to be applied, you will need to move it to /static/_redirects in a Gatsby project.

Thank you I will try that and in package.json I have set the homepage to root url like this:

“homepage”: “”,