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Subdomain CNAME for separate repo not working

Hi there!

I have my main site, www.cjtype.com connected to one repo on netlify (angry-leavitt-22dbed.netlify.com) and I’m trying to add a subdomain weather dot cjtype dot com to connect to different repo which is also on netlify (cjweather dot netlify dot app). I previously had Netlify DNS records and tried just adding a CNAME record with the subdomain, weather, pointing to the netlify address (cjweather dot netlify dot app).

This didn’t work, and when I visit weather.cjtype.com I just see the error:
Not found - Request ID: 01F9HK002Q3DD6JN3SPDTC2VDW

So I tried removing the Netlify DNS as suggested in some forum posts, and instead I used an A name DNS record as suggested in this post, with the www dot cjtype dot com in the A record and a CNAME for the bare domain cjtype dot com

This hasn’t resolved the issue. Is there anything I need to do on the repo cjweather dot netlify dot app in order to use it for the subdomain? Or something else I’m missing? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

** had to spell out the dots in URLs because I couldn’t use more thank 6 links for a post

I found the solution.

For anyone else with this same issue: you need to go to your new repo that you are using for your subdomain, and go to: Site Settings > Domain management > Custom domains > Add custom domain. Here you type the full custom domain, eg: blog.example.com

I finally figures this out by reading this post, which I somehow didn’t see before: How to Make Subdomain in Netlify

Hope this is helpful for others having this issue