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Subdomain, cloudflare confusion. Help please!

Hi folks,

I am using Cloudflare for DNS management but I want to create a subdomain and point it to a Netlify site.

My subdomain is this:


These are my settings in Cloudflare:

But I get this error:

Not Found - Request ID: 01FKGBDMHK8TB1CSZ1K5JTF2MA

Am I doing something glaringly obvious that isn’t correct?



Hi folks,

Sorry to bump just need a little help here.

Thank you!


hi @Benjamin_Dordoigne , unfortunately, you’ll have to take this up with Cloudflare support - given that the DNS management isn’t resting with Netlify, and the netlify subdomain goldendusk.netlify.app loads perfectly when addressed directly, this isn’t something we can help with i’m afraid! i do hope cloudflare can get you back on track soon though.

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Perfect thank you @perry :slight_smile:

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