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Subdirectories work in .netlify.app but not in custom domain

SE Jersey 2021” works completely fine. But “SE Jersey 2021” doesn’t.

I tried putting a _redirects file with

/* /index.html 200

Didn’t work. Tried putting redirects in netlify.yoml that didn’t work either. How to solve this?

Hi @tausif-sama

I am seeing the same thing on both URLs. Is this what is expected?



When I try to visit, all I see at SE Jersey 2021 is

But SE Jersey 2021 loads fine

That is not a Netlify 404 page, that is a cPanel 404 page, meaning your computer (or provider) is not routing the request for this domain to Netlify, but to another provider (you have just moved from cPanel hosting perhaps?)

How long ago did you configure your domain to use Netlify DNS? DNS changes take time to fully propagate, so your local DNS my not have updated yet.

Yes I did move from cPanel hosting like 12 hours ago. Yeah I understand now, makes sense.