Subcategories or nested categories

Hello, is it possible to create subcategories in a categories collection which be related to the blog posts?

- label: 'Categories'
  name: 'categories'
  identifier_field: slug
  folder: 'assets/content/categories'
  create: true
  slug: '{{slug}}'
    - { label: 'Category', name: 'category_name', widget: 'string' }
    - { label: 'Category Image', name: 'category_img', widget: 'image' }
    - { label: 'Slug', name: 'slug', widget: 'string' }

I have found a beta feature that allows nested collections. I haven’t tested it yet but I guess that it is what I was looking for:

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Hey there, @retroriff!

Glad you found what you were looking for :slight_smile:

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