Sub-Domain Invalid SSL Cert


My team and I are fairly new to Netlify, but we just got our react app deployed and sub-domain connected. It appears as tho our sub-domain is resolving fine to our Netlify domain. However when accessed I am getting an error that states the SSL Cert is invalid.

In the screenshot posted below, I’m using MetaMask dapp browser. I’m sure it’s prob just a setting or something we didn’t do. Since we are not at all familiar with Netlify, but any help would be appreciated.


Netlify domain:

hi there, who is the DNS provider for the apex domain?

Namecheap. I added the CNAME record to our DNS a few hours ago.

Bump. Any update on this?

Hi @cusdt-LINK

On the Domains page under HTTPS, what information is showing?

Hello! Thanks for the help!

You are you going to use or on this site? If not, remove them, otherwise you need to configure the DNS records for these too.

Ok. It says I can’t remove them until the cert is done resolving. I guess we will wait and see when we are able to remove them. Thanks for all the help!

It will not generate a certificate until the DNS is configured correctly.