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Sub domain created by netlify dns not working i get DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error

being having issues deploying a subdomain, I followed the instruction given on how to deploy subdomain by naming the git-branch name I was able to get a subdomain URL which is
https://disep.enum.africa,main domain is working http://enum.africa, url for subdomain website https://6156ea082548230007f2013f--wonderful-davinci-e06c6d.netlify.app/ please help me .thanks

Hi @Semicolon_Africa,

Your DNS is not managed by Netlify:

Read this:

Hi, @Semicolon_Africa. I do see you using the external DNS instructions correctly.

Please note, the branch subdomain feature works differently with external DNS, and we have a support guide about that here:

Would you please read that support guide above and let us know if there are any questions? If not, please create the required DNS record for disep.enum.africa, reply here when that is done, and then our support team can then get the SSL certificate updated to include it.

all done please help me get the SSL certificate for disep.enum.africa. thanks

Hi there, @Semicolon_Africa :wave:

Thanks for following up! We have completed this request, as mentioned in this additional thread.

In the future, please keep all related requests in one thread in order to streamline support efforts. Thanks so much!

ok thanks all working ok

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