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Styling and js not loading on custom domain

Hi! Since 5 days now we’ve had a bug in our custom domain at Netlify. I’ve submitted 2 tickets with no aparent response from support. Hope community can help me solve this issue. Our current app with custom domain, mento.co is intermittently failing to load css and javascript. Error only occurs when site is on custom domain, wether if you access to mentoco.netlify.app this error does not occurr. We’ve also tried deploying in other services and error doesn’t occurr. I’ts only when deployed in Netlify with this particular domain that we get 404 and 401 errors in console and styling does not apply on anything through the web.

Hi @ConciergeMento,

I’ve personally responded to your threads there, so when you say something like this

we feel bad.

But to solve your issue, I asked there, I’m asking here too, do you have some x-nf-request-id headers that we can check? I just loaded your website and it loads fine.

Sorry if i missed the reply, if you have replied could you send a link? I’m not sure where i can find those, could you give me more info on this? Yeah it loads fine and then all of a sudden what i showed in the screenshot shows :frowning:

We don’t have a link for that, but you should have got it in your email. But, no problem if not. You’re here no, let’s work on getting you back up and running.

So the problem is intermittent, that would be hard to see. But, as I said, if you could share the request ID headers from the dev tools or send a HAR file recording, we can check from our end on what’s happening.

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I’ve checked in my emails and haven’t gotten any email but SO HAPPY you’re helping me now. Here’s a screen of headers and id: 01FJMPQ2QVWBCMC7GH52FFBSDS

I just checked and I’m not seeing that file in the deploy that was served.

The request was made for _next/static/chunks/pages/_app-de922ecdb76ed4613fc4.js and the deploy for which it was made was Netlify App. But when I checked all the files in that deploy, I don’t see it. Could you download your deploy from there and see if that file actually exists?

I’m surprised as to how does it load otherwise.

Also, I’ll be signing off for today, will take a look at this when I start again tomorrow. I know this might be urgent for you and hopefully someone from the team takes a look at it while I’m gone. But if not, I’ll definitely jump back in.

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no worries, is there a way to pass this ticket to another engineer for support? :sleepy:

The team does check in from time to time, but I’m not sure if someone else has the bandwidth to check this today or not. If they do, they’ll resome the discussion.

TYSM! If i don’t get a reply from another engineer, I’d be happy to continue this thread 2morrow

Hi there, @ConciergeMento :wave:

I received your DM! Unfortunately, this is a bit above my area of expertise. That being said, as @hrishikesh mentioned, either someone will take a look at it from the team or we will be able to continue with this tomorrow.

In the interim, I believe there is one question Hrishikesh asked that you did not answer yet.

Let us know about this!

TYSM Hillary, I will check that right now and shoot to get an answer and a possible solution tomorrow. Have a good night! :slight_smile:

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Happy to assist! Rest assured, our team is aware of your concerns and will not forget them!

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Hi! As you have said, i downloaded deploy and in fact that file is not present. But i’m wondering why same deploy works on a netlify link without problems and then it fails on a custom domain

That’s an interesting observation. Could you share the link on which it works 100% of the times?

it’s mentoco.netlify.app!

Oh I thought it was a specific deploy link that you were talking about, but I should have guessed.

Could you check if this is a local caching issue by any chance? The reason I’m asking is, I tested all our CDN node, and they send a 404 for https://www.mento.co/_next/static/chunks/pages/_app-de922ecdb76ed4613fc4.js. So, maybe you’ve got a cached file somewhere that requests it for some reason?

I believe that also because I am not able to see the issue whatsoever. The page loads perfectly fine for me with or without custom domain.

Maybe try using a different device or network?

this happens to all my team in different parts of the world, so it’s definitely not a local caching issue :frowning:

Fair point. Well then, could you send a complete HAR file recording instead of a single request ID. My guess would be that the HTML file that’s requesting the JS files is outdated probably.

Will do in a sec, but if this were the case, why would the project work in mentoco.netlify.app and crash in mento.co, being the same repo and deploy?

Could be because the custom domain is somehow being cached differently than the Netlify subdomain.