Stuck On "Waiting On DNS Propagation" For A while Now

I Have purchased a new custom domain today for my website and i have configured and applied Custom DNS Settings on it with Netlify for my website , Here are the Details of it -

My Subdomain :

My Primary Domain :

It’s been a while now that my screen is stuck On message - Waiting on DNS Propagation. I am attaching Some screenshots for your reference , which includes my host control panel 's settings and Netlify ’ s Settings …Can You Please Help Me…?

Hey there!

Propagation is normal and can take 24-48 hours. Sit back and relax :wink:!

FYI, your site is already being correctly served to me here in the UK.

However, your config is suboptimal. It could, actually, be causing issues. This document illustrates that you only need to configure the CNAME record(s) or the A record. I’d get rid of the A record as this means all of your traffic is routed to our US-based load balancer – you lose out on the benefits of our CDN.