Stuck on "Waiting for framework port 3000" when using "netlify dev" with SvelteKit


This is my first time using Netlify. After starting a new project with SvelteKit, running netlify dev stops with the line Waiting for framework port 3000. This can be configured using the 'targetPort' property in the netlify.toml.

This happens when choosing either [SvelteKit] 'npm run dev' or [Vite] 'npm run dev' from the list after being prompted with the message Multiple possible start commands found (Use arrow keys or type to search), when specifying a targetPort in a netlify.toml file, and when using the Netlify adapter for SvelteKit. It also happens after starting a new Svelte project without SvelteKit. However, everything works when deployed, and the netlify dev command works as it should when starting an empty project without any framework.

I also don’t understand why there’s 4 different ports involved when running netlify dev. First, the output says that the functions are loaded at port 8888, second, it says that the functions server is listening on port 57175, third, Vite loads the site on port 5173, and fourth, the output says that it is waiting for framework port 3000. Of these 4 ports mentioned, port 57175 only works for functions, and port 5173 only works for pages. The other 2 ports do not work.

Am I doing something wrong? Would appreciate any help to get going!

Hi @mbenoni

There is an open issue on GitHub arround this