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Stuck at "Deploying your site" with manuel drop

Hi! I created an app with react, ran the command “npm run build” which gave me a “build” folder, that I dragged and uploaded it. Now the website doesnt build, it’s stuck with the message “Deploying your site” and the logs says “There is no log for this deploy”. Am I doing anything wrong?

The website name is : cocky-shirley-034eec

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Since we aren’t trying to “build” your drag and drop site, that is probably not how our staff would describe the situation, but I understand that things got stuck when you tried to deploy.

This article explains the things that could lead to that behavior, and the best practices to work around them:

Let us know how things go in following that advice!

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Using the command line fixed the issue, thank you (: