Strange issue with redirects and next.js

I’m having a very strange issue with my site (it’s confidential so I can’t post it and I know that’s an issue). It’s built in next and I have a 404 page set up, but for certain urls I get redirected to one of my [slug] pages instead of to the 404. It seems like any url of the form “” where “a” is a single letter, as well as a few other longer urls will redirect to “”, which is generated by the aforementioned [slug] page. This doesn’t happen on my local server and it really seems like a bug on netlify’s end as it’s sporadic and hard to find a pattern to it.

Hey @channelstudio,

As you’ve already imagined, it’s not possible for us to comment anything without seeing the site. Could you share the site ID, or the deploy ID?

Unfortunately I can’t, however I tracked down what I think was causing the issue although I’m not sure why. We had a [slug].js file in the base of the pages directory and when we removed it and replaced it with individual files for the pages that it would otherwise have built it fixed the issue. This still seems like a bug on netlify’s end however.

That’s not super helpful to be able to debug :slight_smile:

If you ever come up with a reproduction that you can share, happy to take a look.