Storing and retrieving session variables workaround

it seems it is not possible with netlify functions to store and retrieve session variables. Is there a simple workaround for this?


In the runtime environment, Netlify Functions have access to environment variables. You can set specific scopes for your environment variables, and the scope must include Functions to be available to functions during runtime. You can also use build environment variables to configure how Netlify builds your functions. For example, you can use an environment variable to set the Node.js version. Learn more about how to set and use environment variables with functions here.

It is not possible to modify or create Environment variables with functions, isn’t it?
I am actually referring to session variables as like with PHP’s $_SESSION['count']

No there’s no way to do that. Edge Functions allow that using Netlify.env.set().

You can always just use process.env.VAR = 'something' and use that across your code. But I don’t understand your use-case here.