Stopped receiving emails after pointing to Netlify


Ever since I pointed my custom domain to my Netlify site from the cPanel, I have stopped receiving emails.

Netlify site name:
Custom domain:

I did not add a screenshot because I have changed the A, MX, and other records from cPanel Zone Editor many times in the past few hours so any screenshot posted now might be misleading in the future. I’d let you do a lookup from your end to get current records.

Please, your assistance would be of great help.


Hi, @mubarakshow. The link below should have the solution:

If there are questions that the support guide above doesn’t answer, please let us know.

@mubarakshow Welcome to the Netlify community.

Unless I’m mistaken, you shouldn’t be making DNS changes in cPanel. DNS changes should be made at SpiritDomains.

Currently, you have at least two problems. First, your apex domain is pointed away from Netlify.

|===================== curl check for server ====================
| ---------------------- should be Netlify ----------------------
| ------------------------ ------------------------
< Server: Apache

| ---------------------- ----------------------
< Server: Netlify

Second, you seem not to have any MX DNS entries, so if you’re changing / entering them somewhere, you probably doing it in the wrong place.


I’m now able to receive emails but I’m not sure of what exactly I did to fix the issue. All I did was the following:

  1. Reset Zone Editors configs from cPanel.
  2. Delete the custom domain from Netlify
  3. Re-added the custom domain back to Netlify
  4. From the cPanel, I pointed the www. to [my-netlify-app]

That’s all. I’m now receiving emails.

Although, my apex domain is still pointed away from netlify. I hope this does not bring an unintended consequence in the future.


Hi, @mubarakshow. Having the apex point elsewhere will prevent the automatic SSL certificate renewals unless we manually make a change here at Netlify.

Also, once I make this change, you won’t be able to change the custom domain for the site at Netlify. (Technically, you can but the SSL certificate won’t recognize the change.) In other words, I’m going to lock the SSL certificate to a specific list of domain names (just the www subdomain in this case). We can change that list manually in the future so please make a new topic in the future if or when the domains in the SSL certificate need to be changed (added or removed).

If I do this, the future SSL certificate renewals will work normally. If I don’t, the next renewal will fail and there will be no SSL at that time.

​Please let us know if there are questions about this. If there are no questions, should I go ahead and “lock” the SSL certificate to just the www subdomain (and not to include the apex domain)?