3rd party component for Netlify

I saw that you use the wonderful to manage your status page It would be awesome if I could add Netlify as a 3rd party component to my own status pages.

I asked about this, and they told me that the request to add Netlify as a 3rd party component should come directly from Netlify.

FYI > ‘Technical issues and bugs’ > ‘Statuspage’ is where I contacted about this.

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Hi, @julien, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :slightly_smiling_face:

What site did you want to add this status page to?

I think @julien wants Netlify to be added in Atlassian’s as a 3rd party component for monitoring.

Here’s more info:

That would allow us to add Netlify to our status pages as a 3rd party component. I’d vote for that

Thanks for raising this! We’ve opened a support ticket with Atlassian and will report back here if we can get this component created.

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Hey @hexandcube and @julien,
The fine folks at Statuspage/Atlassian let us know that this is done :tada: Would you mind taking a look and letting us know whether you’re able to see us listed as a third-party component?

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Yes! Thank you so much!

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