Status of access to Analytics?

Any update on when we will have API access (well, documented access) to analytics data?


Hi Raymond!

I asked out Director of Product and he said there is no ETA on this at the present time. The feature request exists, but this work has not been prioritized.

We know you figured out how to do it for now. We will update you in this post if we create an official API. :slight_smile:

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I would also be very interested in this.

We will absolutely follow up here if the status changes (either WONTFIX or “it’s coming/it’s here!”), but as Laura implied, the work is not planned at present.

Is there anyway whatsoever to recover the analytics of my site previous 30 days back?

No, sorry, those stats are kept for 30 days only on our side. I’d recommend keeping screenshots or you could use the undocumented API that Raymond Camden has written a blog post on ( if you need historical data.

Do you guys store this information even if analytics aren’t enabled? I’m unable to see before December on the unofficial app.

Hi elebumm, we are able to backfill for up to 30 days prior to the date you enabled analytics (if you had a site running for 30 days, that is). :muscle:

I actually used the “undocumented” API to build a little feature of my own off the analytics API. I’m posting it here as a reference, but also as a product vote for “this feature is wanted” :slight_smile:

I now have a popular posts section on my blog index that works like this: whenever I run a build, my static site generator reaches out to Netlify’s analytics API, gets a list of the “Top Pages”, filters out any entry that isn’t a blog post, cuts down the list to ten, passes the data to my templates, and results in an HTML list of blog post entries.


I think perhaps implicit there monthly data is probably not granular enough, although of course I wonder what granularity is ideal. I am sure that Netlify wants to steer away from doing all the data chopping and slicing that google analytics does. That said, if we could just download it in a stable and well-documented way at, say, daily granularity ourselves then we could do the data analysis with our own tools just as you did there, @jimniels .

We do now show daily and weekly breakdown with the toggle described here:

Our API is still not stable to rely on, but we still won’t block you from using it including the new endpoint :slight_smile: