Statamic - Not all files deployed

Latest deploy log: Statamic build log · GitHub
Github Repo: GitHub - mbootsman/walktowceu

When I deploy my Statamic site, not all files are generated, and I have no clue why this happens. This is my first Statamic deploy.
Files I’m missing (not a complete list):
Lots of news articles in /2019/06/

Thanks for your help!

Found an issue with Glide here: Generation fails using {{ glide:asset_field }} tag pair, produces "Unable to copy file from source:// to cache://" error · Issue #110 · statamic/ssg · GitHub
If I remove the Glide tags in the template, the pages get generated.

When I change ssg.php and assets.php according to Glide Improvements by jasonvarga · Pull Request #104 · statamic/ssg · GitHub, all files get generated. :man_dancing:

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Thanks for coming back to post the solution to your own question @Marcel_Bootsman The community appreciates it! :slight_smile:

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