SSL with external custom domain

I’ve been using Netlify for some time for development and testing purposes. Recently, I intended to move a production project we have on Heroku to Netlify, however, I hit on an issue regarding the automatic SSL certificates.

It seems that unless the domain is managed by Netlify DNS, the only way to get HTTPS is to provide a custom certificate. Automatic certificates aren’t possible…

Is this it, or there’s more to it?

hey there, did you see these guides already? there is likely something useful in here:

if you are still having troubles, please do let us know.

It seems the issue was propagation time. The message given by the UI is maybe a bit unclear (to me). It made me think that I needed to have my domain managed with Netlify DNS. Just a hint.

Bottom line is it worked, after some amount of time was given for propagation.


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