SSL/TLS Certificate not working on phone

I bought a custom domain ( and it was working beautifully last night, no issues with having typed into the browser. They told me to try opening it in an incognito tab and I got the same error that i’ve been getting. The weird thing is, it works perfectly fine on the computer.

Here’s what it looks like on desktop. As you can see it’s trusted.

Hi, @orphanorange. I’ve tested all CDN nodes and they are all returning the correct SSL certificate. Based on this, the only two possibilities that I see are that the issue is either resolved or it is a local networking issue.

If the issue is still occurring for the mobile device, we would need additional information that only you have access to. Please send as many of the following details as possible for the mobile device.

To be clear, it will not help to gather this information for the system where the SSL is working. The information below needs to come from the system seeing the SSL error:

  • the IP address for the DNS resolver used by the device
  • the IP address the device is using
  • the IP address of the system returning the invalid SSL certificate

We cannot get that information ourselves because we would need access to the mobile device to do so. If you send us that information, we’ll be here to continue troubleshooting.