SSL/TLS Certificate not working for custom domain

I bought a custom domain through Google domains. I have set up my nameservers to point at Netlify’s servers. I am trying to enable HTTPS. When I click on the button “Verify DNS configuration”, I get the message “DNS verification was successful”. But when I click on “Provision certificate”, I get the error “missing certificate” in the popup. I then see the error “We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain.”. What could be going wrong?

hiya @fishy and welcome to our community!

Bit hard to be sure without knowing what domain you’re trying to use. There are about 12,000 ways to configure DNS and many are wrong in some way. Some you and your visitors would never notice, but our SSL provider would; others are things that would affect all attempted use of your domain.

On the third hand, DNS changes do take some time to propagate, and the two messages you see-

“DNS verification was successful” and “could not provision a certificate” come from different hosts - one comes from an AWS lambda function that uses AWS nameservers; one comes from our backend API that uses Google nameservers. So those two could have different views of the world.

If you’re still seeing the problem, let us know for what site or hostname and we can give you more specific advice.