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SSL Request for branch subdomain

Hi there,

I’ve followed the instructions on this post to deploy my branch site and add a CNAME record for the branch, and confirmed it is updated:

nslookup development.www.brandonscott.me

Non-authoritative answer:
development.www.brandonscott.me	canonical name = development--brandonscottme.netlify.app.
Name:	development--brandonscottme.netlify.app
Name:	development--brandonscottme.netlify.app

Can someone please update the SSL cert for my site (brandonscottme.netlify.app) to include the subdomain development.www.brandonscott.me?

Hi, @brandongregoryscott. You had all the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted. The SSL certificate has been updated to include development.www.brandonscott.me.

If you want to add other subdomains in the future, please feel free to post here (or make a new topic) anytime.

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