SSL Renew issues

I have problems on the renew process for my domain’s SSL certificate. I’ve already contact the domain’s provider where my domains is set, but they told me to contact the Netlify Support.

Now here’s my issue below.

While trying to renews the ssl certificate appears the message
DNS verification failed > Domain has multiple A records
I’ve checked the troubleshooting guide, I’ve contacted the provider and they told me that my domain is set on 3 differents IP addresses and they suggest me to check if they are valids IPs for Neltify.

Anyone can help me ?

Hi, @ripa, we’d be happy to assist with this. What is the domain name which is having SSL certificate renewal issues?
It will be my portffolio site, nowadays is still a wip site ( I’d like to have 48hours per day :sweat_smile: )

You’ve configured our service to host your DNS, but you have not changed the DNS settings at your registrar to actually use our DNS hosting.

There are two easy options to fix this, which you can read about in this post: [Common Issue] Am I using Netlify’s DNS?