SSL provisioning stuck on "Currently provisioning your Let’s Encrypt certificate"


I’ve set up custom domains for my project dezorgservice-com, but the SSL provisioning seems to be stuck on “Currently provisioning your Let’s Encrypt certificate”. Is there any way to force the certificate to recreate?

The site name is dezorgservice-com and the website is

hi there, how long ago did you set this up? It can take some time to provision:

Hi, @UNRULYEON, I checked just now and the SSL still wasn’t working. I then checked the DNS settings and they are perfect.

It turns out the SSL certificate provisioning was in an incorrect state and “stuck” for lack of a better word. I reset this state and the SSL certificate provisioned successful one that was done.

The SSL certificate is working now.

Note, for this domain name the apex/bare/root domain (meaning is using an A record. When this is done, we recommend making the www subdomain the primary domain here. Right now the apex/bare/root domain is the primary domain.

The reason for making www primary is that the CNAME on www will result in different IP addresses being used based on the geographic location of the IP address making the DNS query. This directs people to a CDN node closest to them (instead of sending all traffic to There is more about this topic (“to www or not”) on our blog.

Please feel free to reply anytime if there are other questions or comments.