SSL provisioning after DNS change


We have a workflow where we are creating a new site with a custom domain right after updating the DNS to point to Netlify (TTL 5 minutes), then need to generate the cert ASAP after. It doesn’t seem to happen immediately, instead it seems to happen 8-10 minutes after the site is created. Any way to speed up the SSL provisioning? I tried POSTing to /sites/[site_id]/ssl like is instructed in the docs, however it does not take a few seconds like it suggests. Should we wait 5 minutes, then make the request?

Hey there, @aaron :wave:

Thanks for reaching out about this, and welcome to the Forums! We are glad you are here. My team has filed an issue to determine how long this should take and what your next steps should be. We will follow up here when we have more information.

Should anything change in the interim, please let us know.

Hey @aaron,

We confirmed with the devs and it appears that our docs are a slightly misleading about that line. The SSL is not provisioned in seconds. Here’s what our devs said:

it [the endpoint] enqueues a background job that does the cert creation in the future. I say future here as I don’t think we give any guarantees about when it will get done, only that it should get created.

We will also update our docs, but to your point, this is not something we can guarantee about.