Ssl protocol error

PLEASE help users are reporting a recurring SSL PROTOCOL ERROR

Multiple users are reporting that they cannot access the site.

User reports:

  • Cannot access the site using Wi-Fi with VPN turned off.
  • Can access the site using cellular network only, or via wi-fi with VPN turned on
  • Can access the site in incognito,
  • The error occurs after clearing the CACHE.
  • It is occurring on both apple and android devices and on different network providers.

I have raised a support case but require an urgent resolution.

I’m not a technical expert but something isn’t right with the DNS / SSL settings.

We did not have this issue with our previous site on WIX.

Can you please advise / resolve.

This is what I see visiting and

More detail available on URL Void

What does that error mean?

The screenshot explains why the site is blocked—it is infected, it contains a phishing threat.

I have run scans and there is nothing on the site to warrant that claim?

This is nothing to do with Netlify. You need to contact those services that have flagged your site.

Thanks… how do I determine which services have flagged the site? is there a scan or report than determines this? … I appreciate the feedback

You didn’t read my first post, did you!? I included a link.

Thanks @dig … I missed the link, I appreciate your support.

Hello @dig … the issue has been resolved based on your feedback. many thanks.

One user is however reporting NET: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

In your experience is that a related issue or something different?

Quite possibly a user-specific issue, especially if it is only one user. Potentially related.