SSL on branch subdomains on a site with a primary domain that is a subdomain

My site is at and it currently has a primary domain that is a subdomain ( I added a branch subdomain to the site for develop resulting in but SSL is not working on the this subdomain. I am using the Netlify managed DSN so my expectation was that the wildcard * would cover it. Is that accurate or is this something that requires the cert to be updated? Or will this just not work at all?


hi there, what you are trying to do can work! Where is the DNS being managed for Is it managed through Netlify, or somewhere else?

If Netlify, then we can make a small change to extend the SSL for your subdomain. If not on Netlify, you will have to administer that at the DNS that manages

Yep, the DNS is managed through Netlify.

looks like we were able to extend SSL for that subdomain. Give us a shout if you need anything else!

Awesome! Thanks so much!