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SSL not working (domain on Aruba.it)

Hi, I have connected another host domain which is doctime.it to the netlify domain doctime.netlify.com. I have added a record A in the other domain and a CNAME with www and doctime.netlify.com. Here su netlify i still can’t activate the SSL/TLS certificate, it says “Multiple Record A in the domatin doctime.it” but in the other domain i have just the ip address above, localhost e 2 webmail as record A. Do you know why I can’t activate the SSL yet? Thanks

Here the screenshots:

Aruba.it where I bought the domain: I added a Record A with

In the same page i added a CNAME such as www doctime.netlify.app

On Netlify i have the doctime.it and the www.doctime.it below doctime.netlify.com and they are green.

But I’m unable to activate the SSL

if I click on that I get: DNS verification failed

  • Domain doctime.it has multiple A records

Someone can please help to solve this problem?

It seems like you figured it out?

this is what i see:

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Yes, I did it. Thanks

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How did you solve this?

(Come hai risolto?)