SSL not deploying for branch subdomain

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We’re trying to setup branch subdomains (specifically branch abtmm) for this project. The subdomains are created successfully and point to the correct builds however SSL never seems to propagate. Clicking “Renew Certificate” in the SSL section does not generate the cert either.

Any ideas how we can trigger the SSL cert to build for the subdomain?

hi there, so you are hoping for SSL on abtmm, but on which custom domain? we can likely set that up for you.

The domain set for the site is, the branch subdomain creates which is fine for us to use.

we extended that SSL for you!

Thank you!

We appear to have the same issue on multiple sites, would be great to get those updated also:

hi there, before we go ahead and look into this, i just want to check that you have a deploy for each of these subdomains - thats required before we can successfully issue a SSL cert.

Yes - I setup the branches for these projects yesterday. They all have deploys and DNS working just not the SSL certs.

Hi, @IRELO. All three domains are running into the issue described here:

As the support guide above explains, we cannot issue SSL certificates for these domain until the inactive DNS zone issue is resolved.

Would you please delete or activate the Netlify DNS for these three domains? Please reply here once that is done and we can extend the SSL certificates.

I updated the DNS per this thread here: [Support Guide] How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS. However, as soon as I delete the DNS zone it removes my branch subdomain, if I try and add the subdomain back it requires that I setup a DNS zone again. Not sure the best way to proceed.

The branch subdomain is only automatic is Netlify DNS is used. If not using Netlify DNS, there is an alternate process as documented here:

Yes, deleting the Netlify DNS zone does delete the branch subdomain and, in that case, the manually process above must be used instead.

I do see the required DNS records for the manual process for and However, for the primary custom domain is so the branch subdomain would need to be a subdomain of www. For that branch subdomain the name must be instead of

If you would change the one CNAME record to be for and delete the Netlify DNS zones we can manually update the SSL certificates to cover those branch subdomains.

If there are any questions or if you are ready to proceed with the manual process, please reply anytime.

I’ve setup DNS for and it is routing properly.

I also removed all of the DNS zones.

Fire when ready.


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Hi, @IRELO. Looks good to me! :+1:

All three sites have had the SSL certificates updated to include those branch subdomains. If other subdomains should be added, please reply here (or open a new topic in #admin if you prefer) anytime.

Looks good! Thanks again.

The ssl for appears to be gone again. Any way to preserve this?

Hi, @IRELO, it is working again now. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.