SSL issue when forwarding old domain to new one

I have changed the primary domain on my account from to and I am now trying to forward madebypens to madebyvapes via the interface in godaddy. The issue I am having is that the browser appears to be blocking requests to madebypens from forwarding to madebyvapes due to an ssl issue. I am guessing the old ssl cert is still active on madebypens but with the DNS info being different, it is now being blocked. In the short term I have added madebypens back to Netlify as an alias but this isn’t ideal as it’s not the forwarding behaviour that is desired.

hi clint,

who is the DNS for both sites, is it netlify or is it godaddy?

The DNS is managed via godaddy but the “A” records point to the IP provided by netlify in the domain settings. Ideally I would park the madebypens domain at godaddy and forward it via the godaddy ui but that was how I had it when I was getting the ssl issue.

Hey Clint,
When I go to, it redirects to, which it sounds like is intended :+1:

I do see, though, that is not included in the SSL certificate. Have you tried adding as a domain alias here: You will also need to make a DNS record on the GoDaddy side pointing that subdomain to your Netlify URL:

Note that for the best site performance, we recommend that the www. address is your primary domain, with the apex automatically redirecting to that. Here’s an article about why:

So our recommendation for the setup here would be:

at GoDaddy

at Netlify

Let us know if that helps or if you have additional questions!