SSL issue after changing domains


I changed my domain and deployed the new domain and enabled the Lets Encypt SSL. But when I click a link I am getting a error.

CleanShot 2023-03-22 at 14.04.11


Which site is this concerning?

Loads fine for me. Probably simply needed to wait a little longer (DNS propagation takes time, and Let’s Encrypt cannot generate a certificate until DNS is verified.)

Or is the new site

If this is the case, the DNS is not configured correctly. Check out

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The Home page loads, but the blog post inside the home pages are giving SSL errors. Sorry about not clarifying earlier.

No the new site is only homepage is loading SSL issue after changing domains - #4 by exist2021

Only the homepage is loading because all the links point to a different domain.

The URL for “She turned a Lion into a Goat” is

All other links point to too. Likely you need to change the URL configured in your project and redeploy.