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SSL is provisioned, but Chrome says it's Not Secure

The SSL for my site has been provisioned, but when I type the address into google, it displays a Not Secure prefix to the address (https is in the address).

On some of my browsers, I have to click through the block, (ie: Advanced /visit dangerous site")

Chrome doesn’t give any feedback on the nature of the error, but safari says: netifly app: certificate name does not match input

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Mellll,

It would help if you could share the domain name so we can check.


thank you @hrishikesh

Hi @Mellll,

The certificate simply needed a renewal and I’ve done it from our end. Looks like it’s all good to go.

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Thank you. I just checked and it still says not secure, but does that mean I need to wait another 48 hours for the certificate to renew?

Hi @Mellll,

It works fine from here. Maybe your browser needs a cache refresh? Could you try a different browser or device or network to be sure?

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thank you very much again - all sorted.