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SSL ins't working with bare domain

Hi! I generated a site using Hugo and deployed it successfully. My domain is sarowarhossain.com
The problem is when I try to visit sarowarhossain.com it gives privacy issues. That mean’s I can’t access the site with the bare domain but when I visit www.sarowarhossain.com it just works fine.

What is the solution to the problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @shmishkat

As you are using external DNS, you need to point the apex domain to Netlify’s load balancer as per this documentation and the www to your Netlify site (this is done already.)

Hey! thanks for your response. I added an alias record as the doc suggests. So this gonna take another 24hrs to propagate, right?

Did you remove the other A records? I’m now seeing 4 A records.

The only records that should exist are the CNAME pointing to sarowarhossain.netlify.app and the ALIAS pointing to apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com (excluding MX and other required records.)

These are my Host records, other than this I have two extra MX records for email forwarding. Is this configuration okay?

Remove the first record @shmishkat

Thank you for helping me.

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