Ssl for custom domain is not working

I added custom domain it seems to be working fine but when I tried apply the ssl/tls certificates on the site name mentioned, it takes forever to propagate the change and when I tried to access the site with https, it’s showing the certificate of * instead of this domain name.

@pratikmakune3 Welcome to the Netlify community. No one will be able to help you until you share your custom domain name.

@gregraven There -

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see anything wrong with your set-up, but clearly the SSL is not working. Did you have this site set up elsewhere before? I’m not even getting x-nf-request-ids when I ping your site.

I see. No, I deployed the site the first time, not somewhere else!
What do you recommend in that case?

You have a DNSKEY.

A DNSKEY-record holds a public key that resolvers can use to verify DNSSEC signatures in RRSIG-records.

Netlify does not support DNSSEC.

Edit: As noted in the docs I have linked to, using DNSSEC is possible when using external DNS as you are. But I wonder if this is still the cause of your issues.

Seems like - the certificate that is applied to site is not correct, it should be *

A certificate is not necessarily issued for *

I have a domain which uses external DNS with the certificate for and
Another which uses Netlify DNS and has branch deploys configured is and *

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