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Ssl for branch domain with 3rd party DNS provider

Hello, dear Netlify!

We have custom domains for our website - staging.ego.jobs and preprod.ego.jobs

The problem is SSL certificate. We’re using ‘Let’s Encrypt’ netlify’s feature but it can’t recognize our custom domain cause it’s working via 3rd party DNS provider www.name.com. It’s working perfectly only with https://staging--ego-jobs.netlify.app/ and https://preprod--ego-jobs.netlify.app/ but not with custom domains…

Could you help us to configure let’s encrypt somehow to fix this issue, please?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, @lifin. I’m going to send you a private message (PM) as well with a few additional details.

However, I can explain 100% of this solution publicly. When you are not using Netlify DNS (and this domain does not use it), there is a manual step our support team must do. We have a support guide about this here:

Aso, there is one other detail. The branch subdomain will be under the “primary domain” for the site.

So, if the branch is staging and the primary domain is example.com, then the brand subdomain will be

However, I believe this set has the www subdomain set as primary. Using the example.com example above, now the primary domain is www.example.com. This makes the branch subdomain a subdomain of that domain so it would be staging.www.example.com not staging.example.com.

Again, I’m going to PM some additional details but please feel free to reply here.

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