SSL Error - Certificate Expired

Seeing an issue with this site:

the custom domain and was working fine for months, however it is now displaying a certificate expired error.

The netlify admin panel says the cert is valid and doesnt expire until March, and all other subdomains pointing to this site continue to work fine (eg. I have tried renewing the cert, and verified the cname record for the www subdomain is pointing to

Please help?

Hi @devghostst

Looking at the DNS records for I see an A record pointing to

% dig A +short

This is directing all traffic to a single CDN node as outlined in the following post

As outlined in Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs the A record for the domain apex should point to

The CNAME for www is correct

% dig CNAME +short

Additionally, appears as though it is connecting via Cloudflare based on the headers (server: cloudflare; though I do also see the Netlify x-nf-request-id.)