SSL DNS verification failed but DIG/Curl OK

Trying to get SSL cert for using Netlify DNS but keep getting error:
“DNS verification failed”

But when I check Dig or Curl, everthing looks as it should be with the correct Netlify server and Registra has the correct Netlify Nameservers.

Anyone any ideas?

p.s. I had logged support for this, but then noticied it might take some time and the site is currently down because of lack of SSL, so I was wondering if anyone here might have any pointers.

Hi there,

Looks like things autoresolved (our automated SSL mechanism retries for 3 days after you adjust dns settings), about for posterity I wanted to link to this article for future people who end up in a similar situation:

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Yes, thank you. Sadly I’d missed Laura’s great post on minimizing downtime, a must read for everyone moving their domains to Netlify!